Monday, June 13, 2011

New Items at Barn Creations!!!

Don't you just love Summer? We do at Barn Creations. This means long hours outside doing the things we love.

Barn Creations has added some new items. These are some of the things I love spending my time doing.

Multi- Colored Wreaths!!!
These just pop on your door. They really make your door stand out.

This sign post looks Great in flower beds. They come in several different colors. Puts a special touch to any flower bed.

This is my Fathers Day gift!!
I was raised on a farm. Thats all I know is farming. I am so happy that my dad is getting to pass this down to my sons. I love watching all 3 of them work on the farm.
During the summer months the sign speaks for itself. Thats all they do is eat sleep and farm from sun up to sun down 7 days a week. There is sooooo much to be done.