Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Picture Friday!!

I love Fridays!! I think I tell you this every week.

Each Friday I randomly pick pictures to show you. I get to let my writing go all over the place . I don't have to stay on one subject. Don't you love those rules? I made them up.

I mentioned this little girl one other time. The reason I am putting her up again. Is she needs a new home. This is my nieces dog. My niece loves her dearly but is very, very, very busy. My niece doesn't have time for her anymore. She wants someone to take her that can give her the love and attention she deserves. My niece holds very long hours and is not at home much. Keep this girl in your thoughts that she will find a good home for her.

Do you ever wonder where railroad tracks may lead to. This is the railroad track that lies close to us. I have looked down it many of times and wondered Where does it go to.

This is the bench that was suppose to be a table. It has sold. I am happy to say it has a new home. It looks beautiful in its new home.
My wall misses it. Its very bare. My husband is going to round up more wood to make another one.

This is a baby quilt that my aunt made my boys. She made it for my oldest son but you know my youngest son got to use it too. You know like hand-me- downs We love hand-me- downs at our house. We always have told the second one when you get the clothes they are just gettting broke in. The jeans are faded and the shirts are softer.

Sorry, back to the quilt.

Doesn't my aunt do the most beautiful needlepoint. I have had this quilt for 16 years and it looks brand new. Can you believe how well its held up.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!
Many happy thoughts from Barn Creations!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Name Sign

I wanted to show you the sign that I have been working on this week.

This is for a couple that got married last year. So I would say they are still newlyweds.

This wood came out of the barn on our farm. Its very old. With some paint, stain, and lots of sanding. It turned out beautiful.

I wish the Guethle's the best of luck on their marriage.

Speaking of marriage my parents celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary this week. My mom always says "I have lived longer with your dad than I did with my parents."
I think that is wonderful!! I wish my parents and the Guethle's many years of love and happiness!!

Hope your day is filled with lots of love and happy memories!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Yums

My blogger friend Laurie over at Turner Farms is hosting a Yums party today!!

These are my Yums that make me SMILE!!


I LOVE sweet iced tea!! I make sweet tea almost daily at our house. My mom has always made it daily too. I think my moms sweet tea is better than mine. Maybe I should hold a contest to see which one has the best sweet tea. Me or her.

This is my Spring Fever Wreath. The weather has been wonderful this week . So I have got Spring Fever. I think this wreath had turned out wonderful. I plan on making lots more of these.

These 3 guys always put a SMILE on my face. They make my world go round.

These 3 alway make me SMILE too. These are my bottle baby calves. As you can see they are big babies now. They have been so much fun. These guys will be moved to the pasture before long. Where I can make room for new Spring babies.

YUM# 5
I made this for our bar that we eat at. I included this as one of my yums because. This had cut down on many of fights at the eating table. There is no yelling I need at spoon or napkin. Its all in easy reach for everyone. This really makes me SMILE!

Come on over to Turner Farms and join the Yums party.
Hope you have a yum of a good day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring Fever Wreath

We have been having beautiful weather the last few days. I have got Spring Fever!

I have been working on Spring and Easter projects.

We was needing something to hang on the wall above our bed. Our headboard is pretty tall so I knew we didn't need anything to big. So this is what I came up with

This is one of my favorite rooms in our house. I made the coffee filter wreath to go on the wall above our headboard. I love the yellow!

Sorry this one is alittle blurry!

I had to use lots of coloring to get the right color of yellow I wanted. If you look closely I also sprayed it with glitter. It looks so fluffy and pretty.

I thought the bow adds a special touch to the wreath. The black looks so good with the yellow.

Cute Cute!! This turned out beautiful.

I am making more wreaths!! They come in different sizes and colors. They all are sprayed with glitter. They also come with material to hang it up with.

Cost: $25.00

They look wonderful on front doors too!
If you have a upcoming wedding these would work wonderful for it.

If your interested in a wreath e-mail me or leave me a comment. I will get back with you as soon as possible.

There are more new items to come from Barn Creations!

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!
Many happy thoughts on this beautiful day!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Sweethearts

These are my Valentines! I have 3 Sweethearts!!

My sons are turning into fine young men. In a few years they will have sweethearts of their own.
Look to the side of them at their dad. He's the one that has been by my side for many of years. He seems rough around the edges but he's only fooling you because he's a big softie. He loves snack cakes and Coke Cola. He's a very good dad to our sons. I don't think I could of picked any better of a husband.
He's my best friend!

I hope your Valentine's Day is a good one!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big Name Letters

We here at Barn Creations have been working on Big Letters.

These Letters run about 18 inches tall. They come in most any color that you want.

Here's a few that we have made.

This Big Letter turned out Great! I painted it white and put some stain on it to make it look aged.

Doesn't this one look Great too? I just love the red.

These can also be hung on the wall.

These sell for $15.00 a letter.

We are working on more Big Letters. There will be more to come!

If you see something you like. Lets us know and we would be happy to make it for you.

Hope you are having a Great weekend. Thanks for sending the beautiful weather!!
We are enjoying it and getting some much needed work done.
Hope your Sunday is full of love and happiness!