Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Picture Friday!!

I love Fridays!! I think I tell you this every week.

Each Friday I randomly pick pictures to show you. I get to let my writing go all over the place . I don't have to stay on one subject. Don't you love those rules? I made them up.

I mentioned this little girl one other time. The reason I am putting her up again. Is she needs a new home. This is my nieces dog. My niece loves her dearly but is very, very, very busy. My niece doesn't have time for her anymore. She wants someone to take her that can give her the love and attention she deserves. My niece holds very long hours and is not at home much. Keep this girl in your thoughts that she will find a good home for her.

Do you ever wonder where railroad tracks may lead to. This is the railroad track that lies close to us. I have looked down it many of times and wondered Where does it go to.

This is the bench that was suppose to be a table. It has sold. I am happy to say it has a new home. It looks beautiful in its new home.
My wall misses it. Its very bare. My husband is going to round up more wood to make another one.

This is a baby quilt that my aunt made my boys. She made it for my oldest son but you know my youngest son got to use it too. You know like hand-me- downs We love hand-me- downs at our house. We always have told the second one when you get the clothes they are just gettting broke in. The jeans are faded and the shirts are softer.

Sorry, back to the quilt.

Doesn't my aunt do the most beautiful needlepoint. I have had this quilt for 16 years and it looks brand new. Can you believe how well its held up.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!
Many happy thoughts from Barn Creations!!

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