Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Yums

My blogger friend Laurie over at Turner Farms is hosting a Yums party today!!

These are my Yums that make me SMILE!!


I LOVE sweet iced tea!! I make sweet tea almost daily at our house. My mom has always made it daily too. I think my moms sweet tea is better than mine. Maybe I should hold a contest to see which one has the best sweet tea. Me or her.

This is my Spring Fever Wreath. The weather has been wonderful this week . So I have got Spring Fever. I think this wreath had turned out wonderful. I plan on making lots more of these.

These 3 guys always put a SMILE on my face. They make my world go round.

These 3 alway make me SMILE too. These are my bottle baby calves. As you can see they are big babies now. They have been so much fun. These guys will be moved to the pasture before long. Where I can make room for new Spring babies.

YUM# 5
I made this for our bar that we eat at. I included this as one of my yums because. This had cut down on many of fights at the eating table. There is no yelling I need at spoon or napkin. Its all in easy reach for everyone. This really makes me SMILE!

Come on over to Turner Farms and join the Yums party.
Hope you have a yum of a good day!


  1. Nichole, Fabulous Yums!!! You have a beautiful family and you are gorgeous! All boys, wow, what fun! You are 100% right, those 3 bottle baby calves would make any ones heart smile. Love that centerpiece, any old crate and the fact that it is used to make life easier is a definite YUM!
    Loving your blog and LOVE your YUMS!!

  2. I want some sweet tea. There's a country song that always plays and talks about sweet tea and I don't think I've ever had it...and I WANT SOME!!!

  3. Hello, I went to your other blog (same name) and it had no posts- then I saw this.

    I had to smile when I see the son worked at a dairy farm when he was about 13-17 y/o.

    One day I stopped by and he was carrying a calf in from the field....then he bottle fed the sweet to see a boy being so nurturing :-)

    Anyway, stopping in from wherever I found you :-)

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    Have a great day!