Before and After

Old Soda Crates

I found some old soda crates in our barn.  We use to have a soda cooler that you could get sodas out of the top of it. The cooler is long gone. Now that I am older I wish I still had that cooler because the soda tasted so good out of it.

This is what I did with the soda crates after washing them and doing some sanding on them. I put the crate in the middle of our bar. All of our eating utensils were put in it. This works perfect for us because know one is yelling "I need a spoon or a napkin". Its all in the middle for easy reaching.

This is several of the crates that I found. This is before I washed them or sanded them. I didn't do lots of sanding on them because I wanted them to have their original look.

I thought the crate was still missing something.

So I added some flowers in a mason jar for a final touch.

Small Chest  Before/After

I have been working on a small chest that has been sitting in our garage for awhile. I finally got the time to finish it.

This is what it look like before.

This is after I primed it with Kilz, sanded it, and painted it twice.

It was missing a knob so I replaced all the knobs. I love these knobs I found on clearance at Lowe's.

I roughed up the edges.

I think it turned out beautiful!! The silver knobs look great with the black.

Old Water Fountain
At one of the houses on the farm the renters recently moved out. We had to do some work on the house before someone else could move in. While we were working we ran across this.

Daddy D ( my husband) fell in love with this. I told him it needed to go in the trash. He loaded in our truck. He said "I can do something with it"

He painted it and put it back together. You could see in the above picture that it was broken and needed lots of work.

This is the fountain after. I will have to say it turned out beautiful. I can't wait until spring to plant flowers around it. He will hook water up to it and the water should come out the pot the lady is holding.

What a beautiful JUNK find!

Shutter Redo

My parents remodeled their kitchen . They had these bifold shutter doors on their pantry. I thought these would look so cute painted and arranged in our house.

 This is the before picture

I took the the doors apart. They look now like one long shutter. I painted them black and roughed up the edges. This is one I put above our windows in our T.V. room.

I put another one beside our front door. I hung a small wreath on it to give it some color. They turned out wonderful.

Small Windmill

We found this windmill that was left at one of my parents rent houses.

This is the before picture. It was gray and rusty.

This is the after picture. We spray painted it white. It has found a home in our flowerbed.