Friday, January 14, 2011

Old Red Barn

I wanted to tell you a little bit about how I came up with the name Red Barn Creations. There is a old red barn on our farm. This barn is over 100 years old.

My mom has many of times suggested to my dad to tear this barn down. As time goes on the barn does get in worst and worst shape. Sometimes when we have lots of wind there will be pieces of the barn on the ground. Everytime he just repairs the barn and says "that looks better."

Don't you love the washtub and stop sign on the front?

You can really see how old the barn is from the side view.

I feel my dad is just attached to the barn as I am. This barn has played a big part in my life. I played in the barn growing up. When I was little there was a big rope swing in the hayloft you can only imagine how high you could swing on that rope. There has been numerous animals born and raised in this barn. I have shovel lots of manure out and carried many haybales down from the loft. There were very few days I didn't go out to the barn and have something to do.

Is there something in your life that you seem to can't let go of? Many times in life there are things that we seem to can't part with. If so I would love to hear what they are.

Many happy thoughts and memories!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

I love Boy!!!

This is Boy. Yes, thats his name. I think he should've been given a more proper name than just Boy. Boy is very old for a horse. He has been around a long time. He has done lots of things over the years. He's a jack of all trades.
He has traveled many of miles.

One thing that is close to my heart. I will always love Boy for is that both our boys learned how to ride a horse on his back. We didn't want to put our babies on any ole horse. He never bucked them off once. Considering, they were making him do things he probably didn't want to do.

Boy is now retired. He has the easy life now. He gets to stay home all the time. He eats all the hay and grass he wants. If he wants to stay in the barn all day he gets to. I think Boy has pretty well got it made.

I hope its bright and sunny in your neck of the woods!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Country Roads/City Streets

Do you prefer country roads or city streets?

I prefer country roads . You can drive for miles on country roads and maybe see a house hear and there. You can drive at your own pace and look out at the landscape. Where on city streets people are driving so fast to get to where they are going . It makes me nervous especially in the big cities where there is lots of traffic. I like the more laid back slower pace of driving. The reason for this is when riding in a vehicle with my dad or husband they get distracted alot. They seem to like to drive on the side of the road. So, if we are on a country road I don't have to worry about hitting someone or something. My husband seems to look at everyhting but the road. I am sure there are swerve marks on many of roads where we have miss going into ditches. Do you have the same dangers as me when riding in the vehicle with your spouse? If so try driving more on country roads. Less Danger!

I hope all your roads lead you back home.
Have a great middle of the week day!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Homegrown Calves

We have calves (as people tell us) in our back yard. We home grow them at our house. We have had these babies since they were a week old. We have got baby calves as early as a day old before. If you are not familiar with the process. All our babies are bull calves (well they become steers at our home).The dairies keep all the heifer (female)calves. We take the bull calves off their hands and raise them. I won't go into what happens to the bull calves when they grow up. I get attached to all the calves that come to our home because they are so little and sweet. Oh, I forgot they need lots of love and a Moma! Thats me!! Then they grow up and don't need me to take care of them as much. (kinda like my boys)

These calves no longer need me to give them their bottle or scratch their backs anymore. They pretty much just want me to feed them and leave them alone. Before long these babies will be moved to my parents house to be turned out on a pasture to graze. Then you know what will happen to them. As my husband and dad says "they will make good steaks".

I knew we had smart calves. They stick half their bodies in the hay bale to keep warm and continue to eat the hay.

May your Tuesday bring you many smiles!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Meet Blackie

Blackie is a dog that wondered up to my parents house one day. This was really strange considering my parents live in what some people have said the boondocks. Considering that they live in the country. That he had to travel several miles to get to their house we felt sorry for him and took him in. We didn't realize Blackie was a wonder dog until he was around a few days. Blackie loves playing with a tennis ball. He also loves the water.

There is one thing we didn't know Blackie could do. He can wink!!

Hope your having a wonderful Monday!! If you have snow in your area, Please send it our way all 4 of us are wishing for snow to go sledding in.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cold Rodeo

Our sons participate in youth rodeo's in our area. We had a rodeo this weekend. Even though the rodeo was indoors it was still very cold. I think its going to take my feet several days to thaw out. Our kids didn't seem to mind the cold. They had a wonderful time being with all the other kids and taking part in the rodeo. I just stayed under a bunch of blankets all day and the only thing sticking out was my boots.Thats why my feet stayed cold all day.

This is one of my sons chute dogging in a rodeo back in the summer. It was warm and toasty outside ( my kind of weather) and not snowing like it was this weekend.

My other son finishing his roping run.

It was a freezing cold rodeo but the smiles on my sons faces was a warm site. They love this sport and take pleasure in competing in all the events. Next time, I will make sure that I wear thicker socks.

Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. If it was warm in your area over the weekend. I'm jealous!

Freezing Cold,