Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Country Roads/City Streets

Do you prefer country roads or city streets?

I prefer country roads . You can drive for miles on country roads and maybe see a house hear and there. You can drive at your own pace and look out at the landscape. Where on city streets people are driving so fast to get to where they are going . It makes me nervous especially in the big cities where there is lots of traffic. I like the more laid back slower pace of driving. The reason for this is when riding in a vehicle with my dad or husband they get distracted alot. They seem to like to drive on the side of the road. So, if we are on a country road I don't have to worry about hitting someone or something. My husband seems to look at everyhting but the road. I am sure there are swerve marks on many of roads where we have miss going into ditches. Do you have the same dangers as me when riding in the vehicle with your spouse? If so try driving more on country roads. Less Danger!

I hope all your roads lead you back home.
Have a great middle of the week day!


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