Monday, January 10, 2011

Meet Blackie

Blackie is a dog that wondered up to my parents house one day. This was really strange considering my parents live in what some people have said the boondocks. Considering that they live in the country. That he had to travel several miles to get to their house we felt sorry for him and took him in. We didn't realize Blackie was a wonder dog until he was around a few days. Blackie loves playing with a tennis ball. He also loves the water.

There is one thing we didn't know Blackie could do. He can wink!!

Hope your having a wonderful Monday!! If you have snow in your area, Please send it our way all 4 of us are wishing for snow to go sledding in.



  1. Aww he's beautiful! I love black dogs and cats.
    Animals make the world go round!
    ~ Carol

  2. Thank You!! I agree! We have lots of animals on my parents farm.