Monday, February 7, 2011

Love for Cowboys

Was your weekend as busy as ours.

Saturday we had a youth rodeo all day. I think it was colder this time than it was last time. We got a fresh blanket of snow the night before. So it was slick, cold, wet, and nasty. I was cold all day long again. It felt so good to get home and shower because all of us was wet and muddy.

Since my kids have been attending these rodeo's for awhile. I have found that we rodeo in all types of weather. Even though this rodeo is indoors its still cold because the place is a barn. Most the time barns don't have much heat.

This is my son attempting to rope a calf. He has not been doing this very long. He has never caught one yet. I can't wait to see him when he does finally catch one. He will be one happy cowboy.

This is my other son chute dogging. Watch closely because he does it really fast.
I will explain what chute dogging is some people ask what it is. This is how kids start to learn to steer wrestle cows. They stand in a chute with their arms around the steers horns. They open the chute and they wrestle the steer to the ground.
Sounds like fun ?
I never that my son would like this. He has found out this is one of his favorite events he competes in.

Long Live Cowboys!

Hope your weekend was a good one.

Many happy thoughts from Barn Creations!


  1. Something I've never attended and would LOVE to!
    Thanks for sharing ~ you must be a proud momma

  2. I'm totally a cowgirl at heart! Grew up with horses and miss them terribly.

    Following :)