Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Picture Friday

I love Fridays! Don't you?

One reason is because I get to show you pictures of different things. I get to be all over the place and don't have to write about one subject if I don't want to.
Does that sound good to you? It does to me.

This is where Barn Creations started. The barn on our farm has been there over a hundred years. My mom has suggested to my dad to tear the barn down. I think my dad is just as much attached to this barn as me. Growing up there was not many days that I wasn't in this barn. It has played a part in who I am today.

The old Dr.Pepper crate. Yes, it did come out of the barn that you just looked at. There is a big loft in the top of the barn. I have found numerous treasures up there or some people may say JUNK. They are treasures to me!

This crate has stopped many of fights at our dinner table. Everyone now can reach all the eating utensils. I feel it also puts a touch of Spring to my kitchen with the flowers.

This is Kings nose. You remember I have talked about him before. He's best friends with Ole Boy. Can you believe horses have best friends? You can see in the picture Boy is standing behind him.

King's the best! There is not many around these parts would argue with that. You know I mentioned he has won numerous buckles, ribbons, saddles etc. over the years. One thing I forgot to mention was he also carried a queen. Not sure what that means! My niece won rodeo queen and she rode him to all the events that she went to.

I put this sign on here this week because I wanted to tell you I will be adding new things FOR SALE to my blog in the near future.

If anyone is interested in a sign just let me know. Just e-mail me or leave a comment.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

P.S. I forgot to mention I think we have warmer weather coming this weekend. Do you know how HAPPY this makes me?

P.S.S. Thanks to all you that have been reading my blog. I love hearing from you all! It is becoming very addicting and very fun.

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  1. Hello thee I'm wondering if you hv any more of the Dr Pepper crates or would sell the one you posted? I'm an avid Pepper girl and love the gear and vintage items and want to make a shelf in my voyer and that would be perfect!!!