Thursday, February 3, 2011

Old Barn Wood Bench

I have been busy working on different projects lately. I have not had time until the last few days to work on a bench that my husband made.

This bench started out as a table but it turned into a bench. My husband started out making a table out of some old barn wood we had lying around in our garage. The table didn't turned out like he wanted it to. So it became a bench.

I painted stars on the back and underneath the seat. This gives it a special touch.

I think this table looks so much better as a bench. I think it turned out Great!

For Sale $125.00

Many happy thoughts on this very chilly Thursday !


  1. I love this bench and I think it is great that you have recycled old timber too.

  2. Have you sold it yet? I would really like to buy it please email me