Friday, February 4, 2011

Random pictures Friday

I have decided that on Friday's that I would start posting random pictures. These are just different pictures that I have taken.

This is the big red barn that is on our farm. Have you ever saw a washtub hanging on a barn? This washtub has been around a long time. We used to have a wood burning heating stove in the house and we would fill this tub full of wood to heat the house.

This is my youngest baby. He is my husbands twin but only a smaller version. He is a character! The 3 guys that I live with make my world go around.
I love them so much!

When he sees this picture I don't have to worry about him ever wearing a bow again. For some reason when our family came over for Christmas several of the men wore this bow.

This is one of my other babies. I think he was wanting me the scratch his back. Maybe he thought I had treats.

This is Ole Boy. I introduced him to you in one of my earlier posts. I forgot to tell you that Boy has a best friend. Its King! You can see him in the picture. These 2 are never far from each other. They have been together for years.

Open fields. Come spring these will turn into beautiful crops that will help feed many families.

Hope you have a Great weekend. We are preparing for more winter weather. My sons love it because they get to go sledding.
Many Happy thoughts on this freezing Friday!!



  1. Great looking photos. My daughters would love to see the horses.

  2. Oh how I dream of living on a has been a dream as long as I can remember..I still dream of your red barn..I love your song on here as well..thank you for visiting my blog...;-)