Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Needlepoint and Candy

I have a aunt that has lived in several different parts of the world. When I was growing up she would give me gifts from the different places that she lived. She brought me dolls, oranments, and clothes. I loved all the gifts and learning about the different places that she had traveled. I still love to get gifts from my aunts. Its something about their gifts that make them so special.

One thing she would give me from time to time was needlepoint pictures. At the time,my mom loved them because she decorated my room with them. When I was young I thought the pictures were pretty and knew she spent lots of hours on them.

Why didn't she get some toy or candy.

As the years passed I started to treasure these pictures more and more.

I now get to decorate our house with my aunt's needlepoint.I have kept all of the things she has made me. Even though I have had some of them for years they have held up really well.

These are a few that she has made for me over the years.

This one is one of my favorites. She made this as a baby gift for my oldest son. As you can see she is very talented.

May your day bring happiness and pleasant memories!

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