Thursday, January 20, 2011

School on a Snow Day

We woke up to this this morning.

We knew it was coming. My sons have been preparing for this. They have got their snow gear gathered, located their sled, and called friends.

Our cows don't seem to mind the snow. They love to have their picture taken. They always are looking at me. It could be they want more grain. My husband fed this morning. They know who gives extras at this place.

Everything is quiet on this Snow Day.
No laughing kids, making hot cocoa, or loud music!
They have school on this Snow Day. They were so mad that they had to go to school. All of the other schools in our area got out but ours. There will be no sledding on this day. I hope I can get to school this afternoon to pick them up. They would be really mad if they have to spend the night.

Are you enjoying a winter wonderland today?

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