Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spring Dreams on Open Fields

This time of year on the farm the fields are always bare. All the crops are gone for the year and the land is ready to be planted come spring. We have been spending lots of time planning for planting season. Come spring the fields will be planted with corn and beans on our farm. When the weather warms up thats when our busy season starts.

This is our field with wheat.I think it must be the only green thing that is around right now. Everything else is all brown. Maybe, I will plant our yard in wheat next year so it will be green in the winter.

My family spends lots of time dreaming of tractors,combines, and sprayrigs in the fields. All these dreams will turn into reality come spring.

Are you dreaming of Spring in the middle of winter?

Always happy thoughts from Barn Creations!

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    I've always had an interest in farm life, so I look forward to seeing how life is at your home!

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