Thursday, March 17, 2011

Easter Wreaths

I am now taking orders for Easter wreaths.

I wanted to go ahead and take orders because I like to have my wreaths on the doors for the whole month that the holiday is on. This way you can enjoy the wreath for the whole month.

I wanted to show you some that I have been making.

I just LOVE this pink one. The bow looks so spring! This one turned out WONDERFUl!

I like this yellow one is so bright and will really stand out on the door. This material I used for the bow has bunny rabbits on it. How cute is that!! Perfect for Easter!!

I think the white wreaths look so clean. Then put a checked bow on it. CUTE, CUTE!!

If you would like to order a Easter wreath. They come in the Easter pastel colors. Then I add a bow to them. Some people tell me what color of bow they want. I forgot to that I add sparkles and a wonderful smell to them. All this for your enjoyment.

May your Thursday bring you happiness and joy.

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