Saturday, March 19, 2011

Love for Old Signs!!!

I love old signs!!!

I wanted to show you some of the signs that I have done. As I have told you in the past that painting and crafting are my stress relivers. You can take a look at these signs and see a lot of stress was drained from me making them. I just love to paint and craft. It is so fun! It has open up a whole new world for me.

I made this sign as a wedding gift for a young lady. I just love the chocolate brown color.
My signs make great gifts for weddings and baby showers.

How can you not love this sign! The black and white is very popular! I think the black looks so classy. I know this one looks GREAT in this young ladies kitchen!

Again, how can you not love this black and white. I made this for a young couple that got married late last year. I would call them still newlyweds. I wish thme the BEST of luck and lots of love and happiness!

Look at the red!! Isn't this one beautiful. I have to admit the young lady that I made this sign for has opened a whole new world up for me. She is pretty special to me. This sign looks WONDERFUL in her house.

This board is very old. I love the black and white. SOoooo Beautiful!!

I hope you have a GREAT weekend!!
Much love from Barn Creations!!

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  1. Hi Nicole!

    I found you through blog frog's Artmusedogs.
    Your signs look wonderful. Great Job! I'm your newest follower!