Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Horseshoe shelf

On the farm we have several horses. They all have to have horse shoes. They are just like us they have to wear shoes. Sometimes theirs fall off and they go bare hoofed. Then we find out that they have lost a shoe so we call the farrier to put more on.

Well we have lots of horse shoes that we have found over the years. We find them in the pasture, in the barn, almost anywhere else that the horses have been. You never know where they may turn up.

So I decide to do something when them.

This is what I come up with. A shelf for my son to hang his hats and coats on.

I just took a piece of old barn wood and just stained and sanded it. I didn't sand it a whole lot because I wanted it to look just as it was.

I turned the horse shoes up so the hats or coats can hang on them.

This shows how it looks with his things hanging on it. It turned out wonderful. Just what I was wanting for his room.

I wonder what else I can do with more of the horse shoes. Any ides?

I hope your life is filled with love and happiness!

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