Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Picture Friday!!

I Love Fridays!!!

On Fridays I post random pictures that I have taken. I get to talk about several subjects and don't have to stick to one subject.

This is where the name Barn Creations came from. This is the farm on our farm. All our wood for our signs come from inside this barn. I have found lots of treasures in the loft of this barn. This barn has been standing for at least 100 years.

I mentioned this little puppy last week. She was needing a home. She found one. A beautiful young lady took her. My niece was so pleased that she will have a good home.

Isn't this wreath Beautiful!! I have been busy this week making wreaths. I feel so blessed that my business is doing so well. I hope I continue to succeed in making my crafts. I love making them and hearing from my customers.

This is a old door that I found in the loft of the barn. I have not had time to do anything to it yet. I have had many ideas about it. I can't wait to see what it will become.

I hope you have a Great weekend!!
Many Happy Thoughts from Barn Creations!!

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