Monday, February 21, 2011

Old Doors

Over the weekend I found some treasures in my parents barn. Well some people would probably think they were trash but not me.

Look what I found!!

I found some old doors. I do mean they are old. This one needs lots of work. As you can tell I have not done anything to it yet. I can already see what this door will become.

When it is cleaned up, painted, and sanded its going to look beatiful.

This door is not in as bad as shape as the other one. I have big plans for this little door. The door knob on both sides is still in tac.

Both these doors are probably at least 50 years old. They both came out of and old farm house that was on my parents property a long time ago. I love to find treasures like these. I can't wait to get started working on them.

Hope your Monday is wonderful!!

1 comment:

  1. Great find ~ look forward to seeing what gems you create from them...