Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pretty Beautiful Wreath

I have been busy filling orders and making deliveries the last few days.

I wanted to show you this wreath that I made for a young lady.

She gave me some ideas on her colors in her kitchen. Thats where she wanted to hang the wreath. This is what I came up with.

I love how fluffy these wreaths turn out. Beautiful, Beautiful!!

If you look closely it sparkles. The light shines on it and its looks wonderful.
They smell wonderful too.

She wanted a black bow. So I found this material at Hobby Lobby. It has small polk a dots in it.

It turned out wonderful. The white looks so clean and fresh.

Every one of these wreaths I make I fall in love with them more and more. They are just Beautiful.

The wreaths sell for $25.00.
They come in numerous colors.
I can ship them to you in the U.S.

Hope your Tuesday is a good one.
Many Happy thoughts from Barn Creations!

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